Flamingo Flower Plant | Anthuriums

Anthuriums are strong, fleshy, low-maintenance plants with attractive shiny foliage and bright flowers that can produce long-lasting flowers in the right conditions. Anthuriums comes in an estimated 1000 species and are most commercial potted in Florida and the Netherlands.

Anthuriums make excellent indoor plants as they excel in medium to bright indirect light and in room temperature surroundings. Although they can survive well in lower lightings, this may cause a slowing down or ceasing of flower production. They also like moist soil but not excessive wetness.
The flowers on Anthuriums are fleshy and come in a variety of colors, including bright red, green, peach, or white. The flowers are also hermaphrodites, meaning there are both male and female flowers.

Baby Anthurium plants need the same kind of attention as their adult counterparts and are quite cute.

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